What is Fracto-Music?
Example of fracto-music:
Food Court
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The term "fracto" comes from the Latin term "fractus" meaning to break apart or fragment.
Many artists today have used the idea of fragmentation and brokenness as themes in their
work. Bulow has a certain affinity with the art works of Robert Rauschenberg, Max Weber
and Pablo Picasso. The technique of producing a new composite whole from bits and pieces
of existing images or materials (collage and montage) can be found in many forms of the
visual arts. And the use of quotation has been a common technique used by many composers
throughout the 20th and 21st centuries as well as before. Bulow's Food Court is a
hodge-podge of different fragmented musical ideas, some borrowed from previous composers
(Mexican Hat Dance and Take Me Out to the Ball Game) and others newly composed. The
work is an attempt to reflect the diverse and fragmented nature of contemporary society.